Gotta start somewhere and this “where” is ”here”

When does one person decide that they want to change their life totally, unconditionally and absolutely?

Is it perhaps when we are tired of the System we live in, trying to escape the rules of the life that has it’s focus on the material, rather than on the spiritual? For me it is. After not so many years of living, but no so little experiences gathered, there came this defining moment when I have decided this:

“That’s it! I am starting to live life in a new way. I am tired of what I have been, what I have felt and how I have perceived life and I need something new, mine and different.”

One of the thins that it starts with is a blog – something I wanted to do for a long time. Not because I have a gift of writing, but because I have a gift of believing – believing that writing some random musings that come from my real heart, mind and soul I could reach others that feel like me. Because I believe that everyone has a story to share and not trying to share it with the world would be a loss. And I also believe blogs make people stay more accountable, present and interested in life – as a writer you gotta be “interesting”, thus “interested” as someone somewhere said – lot of good stuff.

Blessings, Peace and Love,

Nirvana In My HeartSpace-Planets-And-Universe-Earth-Galaxy-Mars-Wallpapers.jpg




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